The 4 Best DIY Home Improvements First-Time Home Sellers Should Make

Selling a home is a daunting task for anyone, but it can be downright overwhelming for first-time sellers. You want to make repairs to entice potential buyers, but you don’t want to spend more than you will get back when you sell, or price yourself out of the local housing market. That’s why making some DIY home improvements is a safe bet for first-time home sellers.


1.Improve Your Curb Appeal

Chances are, prospective home buyers will find your listing online and then drive past your home to check out its location before contacting you or a realtor to purchase. That means that you have to make a killer first impression with your curb appeal.

Begin with your front entrance. Realtors will bring potential buyers to your front door every time, so make sure that your walkway, yard, and front porch or stoop are clean. If you have kids, keep their toys in the garage in an organized fashion.


Depending on the time of year, you should mow your yard or clear snow off your sidewalks and driveway. Weather permitting, weed your flower beds and garden and add some fresh flowers to your entryway in containers to gain some extra appeal. Check out these tips from The Spruce for more DIY landscaping ideas.


2.Paint Your Front Door

You can go one step further with your curb appeal by painting your front door. A fresh coat of paint on a front door refreshes your entryway. A bold color that complements your exterior colors also will catch someone’s eye and give your home more character. You can tape paint swatches to your door to help you make a decision.


DIY Network recommends removing your hardware and preparing your door by cleaning it and sanding it before wiping it down, applying primer, and painting it. It’s also a good idea to begin with your trim details and feather out the paint to avoid drips. You may want to update your hardware when you’re done to give your door a total makeover. If you need to replace your front door, call a professional. This job likely will require power tools and complicated cuts.


3. GiveYour Kitchen a New Look

Kitchens can make or break a home sale. People expect upgraded kitchens. But, you may not expect the price tag that accompanies a total kitchen makeover. Fortunately, there are some ways to give your kitchen a new look without breaking the bank.


Replacing your cabinet and drawer hardware can give your kitchen a much-needed update. You also can replace your kitchen faucet with one in a matching finish. If you don’t feel qualified to do plumbing work, contact a licensed plumber who has solid references.


Consider replacing kitchen light fixtures with some in the same finish to complete the look. Most homeowners can replace alight, but if you need to change a light’s location or do any wiring work, hire a licensed electrician. You don’t want to risk your safety or your home by attempting electrical work yourself.


4.Clean Your Carpet

You want to make your home appear as clean as possible, so clean your carpets before listing it, especially when you have pets. If your carpet is in good shape, but you want to freshen it and reduce odors, rent a carpet cleaner or purchase a home carpet cleaner. Check out the results from Consumer Reports before you buy.


If your carpet shows a little more wear and tear and has some stains, consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. They have the experience and equipment it takes to deep clean carpets, and they can recommend that you purchase new carpet if needed.

To keep your carpets clean as you begin the process of selling your home with pets, which will include open houses and last minute showings, make sure that when you’re not home your dog has someone to let him outside to use the bathroom. You can ask a friend, hire a dog walker or board your dog when you’re not home to eliminate the possibility of messes being made.  


If you’re a first-time home seller, you should recognize the value of DIY home improvements before putting your house on the market. Improve your curb appeal and paint your front door. Then, refresh your kitchen and clean your carpet. Using these tips, your home will be sold in no time!

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First-Time Home Seller Tips: Set a Competitive Price for Your House

As a first-time home seller, it can be tough to establish a competitive price for your residence. And if you set a price that is too high or too low, you risk alienating potential homebuyers or missing out on an opportunity to maximize the value of your house.

Ultimately, there’s a lot to think about as you determine the price for your residence. Lucky for you, we’re here to help you take the guesswork out of pricing your home, regardless of the current housing market’s conditions.

Let’s take a look at three tips to help first-time home sellers set a competitive price for a residence.

1. Study the Real Estate Market

How does your residence stack up against similar houses that are currently available in your city or town? Study the real estate market, and you can find out how your residence compares to the competition.

Evaluate the prices of currently available houses in your city or town. With this housing market data in hand, you can learn how your home ranks against the competition and establish a price range for houses that are similar to your own.

Also, examine the prices of recently sold houses in your area. By doing so, you can find out whether you’re about to enter a seller’s market or a buyer’s market and map out your home selling journey accordingly.

2. Perform a Home Appraisal

A home appraisal can make a world of difference, particularly for a first-time home seller who is uncertain about how to upgrade a residence.

During a home appraisal, a property inspector will examine a home’s interior and exterior. After the appraisal is finished, this inspector will provide a home seller with a report that outlines his or her findings.

Take the results of a home appraisal seriously – you’ll be glad you did. The appraisal enables a home seller to learn about a home’s strengths and weaknesses, and as a result, discover the best ways to transform assorted weaknesses into strengths. Then, a home seller can perform myriad home upgrades and may be better equipped than ever before to optimize the value of a house.

3. Consult with a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent analyzes housing market patterns and trends closely and is happy to share home selling insights at any time. Thus, this housing market professional can help a home seller establish a competitive price for a home from the get-go.

Moreover, a real estate agent will promote a home to the right groups of homebuyers and work with a home seller at each stage of the property selling journey. He or she will even negotiate with homebuyers on a seller’s behalf to increase the likelihood that a seller can get the best price for a residence.

When it comes to selling a home for the first time, there is no need to leave anything to chance. Use the aforementioned tips, and a first-time home seller can set a competitive price for a house and increase his or her chances of a quick home sale.

Good Items That Home Sellers Can Leave Behind for Buyers

If you plan to sell your house, there may be certain items that you want to bring to your new residence. However, various items may prove to be too big, too heavy or too expensive to transport to your new address. But if you leave these items behind, you may be able to make your house more attractive to dozens of potential buyers.

Ultimately, there are many high-quality items that home sellers may choose to leave behind for buyers, such as:

1. Refrigerator

Although your refrigerator has served you well for many years, transporting this kitchen appliance to your new house could prove to be difficult. Fortunately, a buyer may appreciate the fact that you’re willing to provide him or her with a top-notch refrigerator as part of a home sale.

For a home seller who intends to leave his or her refrigerator behind, it is important to take some time to clean the appliance. That way, a homebuyer will be able to use the refrigerator as soon as he or she finalizes a home acquisition.

Also, scrub down the refrigerator’s shelves, wipe down the appliance’s exterior and remove any foods and beverages from the refrigerator prior to moving day.

2. Washer and Dryer

A washer and dryer may cost a homeowner hundreds or thousands of dollars to purchase and install. Luckily, a home seller who includes a washer and dryer in a home sale can make it easy for a buyer to avoid the hassle of finding, buying and installing these appliances.

Ensure that your washer and dryer are working properly before moving day arrives. Remove any dust and debris from the dryer’s lint trap, and wipe down the exterior of both the washer and dryer.

3. Furniture

If you own stunning outdoor patio chairs, a deluxe dining room table and chairs or other first-rate home furniture, you may want to include these items in your home sale. By doing so, you can help a buyer furnish his or her home in no time at all.

Selling a home can be challenging, even if you intend to leave behind assorted high-end items for a buyer. Thankfully, real estate agents are available to help simplify the process of selling a residence in any housing market, at any time.

A real estate agent understands that you want to enjoy a quick, profitable home selling experience. To accomplish this goal, a real estate agent will learn about your residence and explore ways to promote it to the right groups of buyers.

Furthermore, a real estate agent will offer expert guidance at each stage of the home selling journey. He or she will set up home showings and open house events, keep you up to date about offers on your residence and help you get ready for a home closing. And if you ever have home selling concerns, a real estate agent will immediately respond to them.

Consult with a real estate agent today, and you can move one step closer to selling your house.

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